Music brings enjoyment and learning

We fund a Music Therapy program at each of the schools we support.

No government funding is available for the program and the cost of private music therapy for the children is beyond the means of most families. The program has operated at St George School since 2008, and started at Bates Drive in 2018. We are proud to now support this successful program at all four schools.

Music Therapy is delivered by a professional musician with experience and expertise in working with students with severe physical and multiple disabilities Music Therapy is an opportunity for the children to learn and communicate. It enables the children, many of whom are non-verbal, to develop social and communication skills such as making eye contact and taking turns. In place of words, the children communicate through singing, playing instruments. The program has educational and social benefits for students as well as bringing them the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of music.

The Music Therapy program costs around $5,000 per school per term.

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