Keeping Families Mobile

Morris Children's Fund sponsored a Renault vehicle for the use of St George School

This has become an invaluable resource for both students and their families. The school reported that much of the use of the vehicle has been for the following reasons:

  • Families borrowing the vehicle due to modificationsrequired for their own vehicles,
  • Families requiring a vehicle while their own is being fixed,
  • Transporting students participating in showcases such as School Spectacular,
  • Transporting additional students to a school excursion,
  • Transporting students to and from school when required and
  • Carers of students needing transport weekend or holiday period.

Here is what some families have had to say:

"I borrowed the Renault when my accessible vehicle was in being serviced which meant I could continue transporting my daughter to and from her day program without interruption."

"As we do not own a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it was great to be able to use the Renault to take our son to visit family on the south coast."

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