Eye Gaze Edge

Opening up the world of technology

At Morris Children’s Fund we want all children to participate as fully as possible at school and in life.

In a computer-driven world some people miss out on the opportunities technology can bring because of their disability. Eye Gaze Edge, an eye-operated communication and control system, enables children with limited arm and hand movement to use their eyes to independently navigate a computer. Similar technology was used by the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. With financial support from the Fund eye gaze technology has been in use at St George School since 2016.

Eye gaze has opened up a new mode of communication for the students, and, as most of them are non-verbal, the technology enables them to make choices and request and express themselves using their eyes to direct their communication. The number of students using the eye gaze is increasing and students who were in the initial targeted group have progressed from making simple objects move about on the computer screen to reading picture-text books independently. With the purchase of new mobile eye gaze equipment in the past two years even more students are accessing it, not only in the classroom but across the school environment in their learning and skill building.

This technology opens up communication for the children enhancing their learning and enabling others to understand their needs and dreams, just like other children.

A complete eye gaze unit, including a tablet, camera, software and mobile stand costs just under $10,000.

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